May 2, 2017

Technology Transfer

Translating research results into useful applications and methods to improve products and services or develop new ones. CBIB has 6 patent applications of technologies ready to transfer and escalate to industry.


1.- Use of compounds that selectively modulate astrocytic release of substances through hemichannels of connexins and pannexins, without influencing gap junctions, for treatment of psychiatric disorders. 

2.- Controlled release system comprising a gas or volatile encapsulated in a polymeric support and a matrix system; method of preparation said system, and their use applied to agribusiness, forestry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, among others.  

3.- Síntesis química de nanopartículas de sulfuro de cobre. Download technology sheet (spanish)

4.- Método microbiológico para producir nanopartículas de sulfuro de cobre Download technology sheet (spanish)

5.- Síntesis acuosa de nanopartículas de sulfuro de cadmio Download technology sheet (spanish)

6.- Preparación química de nanopartículas de sulfuro de litio.